Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Surah 45, Al-Jathiya verses 20-27

20.These are the clear evidences to men, and a guidance and mercy to those of assured faith.

21. What! do those who do evil deeds think that we shall make them as equal with those who believe and do righteous deeds,-that equal will be their life and their death? ill is the judgement that they make.

22. God created the Heavens and the Earth for just ends, and in order that each soul may find recompense of what it has earned, and none of them shall be wronged.

23. Then do you see such a one as takes as his God his own vain desire? God has left him astray, and sealed his hearing and his heart, and put an cover on his sight. Who then will guide him after God has withdrawn his guidance? Will you not then recieve admonition?

24. and they say : "What is there but our life in this world? We shall die and we live, and nothing but time can destroy us". But of that they have no knowledge: they merely conjecture

25. And when our clear signs are rehearsed to them, their argument is nothing but this: they say "Bring (back) our forefathers, if what you say is true"

26.Say: "it is God who gives you life, then gives you death; then he will gather you together for a day of judgement about which there is no doubt". but most men do not know.

27. To God belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth, and the day that the hour of Judgement is established,- that day will the followers of falsehood perish.

Human beings have an inherent potential for goodness. But sometimes we fail ourselves and we fail God when we choose badness. Evilness degrades our soul. Our life on earth may have blessings but it also has trials and sufferring. Without heaven, our life on earth would have no meaning--all that we do, our goodness, trials and blessings will be for nothing. Without heaven, there would be chaos because there would be no point in being good and doing good.

God created the Universe in balance and harmony. God created the earth and heaven in justice. Our actions and intentions during our time on earth have a meaning and purpose. We are accountable for our choices and we will be judged for all we do. Those who have striven for good and asked forgiveness for their lapse will be rewarded---for this is justice tempered with compassion and mercy. Yet, justice also demands that those who have caused sufferring and pain to others be held accountable for their deeds, and be punished. Aristotle said "In justice is all virtues found in sum."

"Justice is conscience, not a personal conscience but the conscience of the whole of humanity. Those who clearly recognize the voice of their own conscience, recognize also the voice of justice."
---Aleksander Solzhenisyn

"The way of heaven:
benifit all, harm none"
Lao Tzu.

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