Sunday, December 20, 2009


Surah 90, verses 1-20
In the name of God the Compassionate and the Caring
1. I swear by this place
2. And you are the inhabitants of this place
3. By the begettor and the begotten
4. We created the human being in hardship
5. Does he think there is no power over him?
6. He says: look at the goods I consumed
7. Does he think no one sees him?
8. Did we not endow him with eyes, lips, and tongue
9. And guide him to the two high plains
10.And yet, he did not climb the steep path
11.What can tell you of the steep path?
12.To free a slave
13.To feed the destitute on a day of hunger
14.A kinsman, orphan, or a stranger out of luck, in need.
15.Be of those who keep the faith(trust)
16.Who counsel one another to patience
17.Who counsel to compassion
18.They are of the right.
19.As for those who cast our signs away, they are of the left.
20.Over them a vault of fire.

We are capable, intelligent beings with much potential for good if we so choose. Yet, even the best of people among us go through pain and sufferring in their lives. Prophet Muhammed(pbuh) is an example of an exemplary human being and a Muslim(One who submits to God), yet he sufferred too.
Our life experiences are a test. We choose how we deal with them. In war-torn Iraq, some may feel there is no God when they see such senseless pain and sufferring all around them. Some may feel immense anger and helplessness. We may be one of those who cast his signs away because we refuse to see his compassion and mercy and only see despair and destruction.
Yet, we are the inhabitants of this place, we have it within us to help another in need, no matter how great our own need. We have within us the fortitude to climb the steep path.
Courage is made up of patience and faith(trust in God). Instead of dwelling on the material things we lose, we should reflect on the spirituality, patience, and compassion gained by the difficult life experiences. .....even a cactus blooms in the desolate desert.

Surah 67, verses 1-2
1. Blessed be he in whose hands is dominion and he has power over all things
2. He, who created death and life, that he may try which of you is best in deed.

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