Monday, May 17, 2010


Surah 48 Al-fat-h verses 1-5

1. Surely We have granted you a manifest victory

2. That God may forgive you the faults of your past and those to follow; fulfill his favor to you and guide you on the straight way.

3. And that God may help you with powerful help

4. It is he who sent down tranquility in the hearts of the believers, that they may add faith to their faith; for to God belongs the forces of the heavens and the earth; and God is full of knowledge and wisdom

5. That he may admit the men and women who believe, to gardens beneath which rivers flow, to dwell there and to remove their sins from them, and that is in the sight of God, the grand triumph.

Surah 2, Al-Baqarah verses 255-257

255.God, there is no God but he

The living, the self-subsisting, the supporter of all

No slumber can seize hime, nor sleep. His are all things in the heavens and the earth

Who is he can intercede in his presence except as he permits? He know what is before or after or behind them.

Nor shall they compass any of his knowledge except as he wills. His throne does extend over the heavens and the earth and he feels no fatigue in guarding and preserving them.

For he is the most high, the supeme.

256. let there be no compulsion in religion. Truth stands out clear from error. Whoever rejects evil and beleives in God has grasped the most trusted handhold, that never breaks. And God hears and knows all things

257. God is the protector of those who have faith. from the depth of darkness, he will lead them forth into light. Of those who reject faith, the patrons are the evil ones, from light, they will lead them forth into the depths of darkness. they will be the companions of the fire, to dwell therein.

Guidance should not only improve, instruct, ennoble, and empower, it must also inspire in the reciever a transformative energy/force that will create a motivation /attitude of change for the better.
The Quran,
Its Guidance is for the taking
If we want it
Its secrets are to be shared by us,
If we seek them,
Its sweetness is apparent,
iIf we savor it.

"Do not be daunted by the ennormity of the wolds grief.
Do justly now
Love mercy now
Walk humbly now
You are not obligated to complete the work,
But neither are you free to abandon it."
-----The Talmud

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