Thursday, January 15, 2009


Surah 102

1.The mutual rivalry for piling up things diverts you
2.Until you visit the graves
3. No, you shall soon know
4. Again, you shall know!
5. Nay, were you to know with certainty of mind
6. You shall certainly see hellfire!
7. Again, you shall see it with certainty of sight
8. Then shall you be questioned that day about the indulgence.

The approval of others, success, the desire for achievement, these become our goals so that we forget ourselves. We get caught up in accumulating approval, success, achievements etc and we can feel lost without these goals. But our life here on earth is short. Our fast paced life, from birth to death is like a falling raindrop. It is too late to realize what is important when it is almost over. "Things" can never satisfy our soul. Such hunger can only be satisfied by spirituality.

In order to live in such a way that regrets are minimal, it is important to create balance. We need to feed both our worldly needs and our spiritual needs.

Tao te ching
"The five colors blind the eye
The five tones deafen the ear
The five flavors overwhelm the palate

Fancy things get in the way of one's growth
Racing here and there,
hunting for this and that---
Good ways to madden your mind that's all

Relinquish what is without
Cultivate what is within
Live for your center, not your sences. "

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